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Halo 3 is the third game in the Halo Trilogy and it has not failed to provide the thrilling conclusion to the events begun in "Halo: Combat Evolved." Halo 3 picks up where "Halo 2" left off.

It's solid gameplay, immense replayability, online functionality and incredible production values will ensure its place in video game history, and it is, without a doubt, a satisfying and fulfilling close to the beloved trilogy.

In Halo 3, The Master Chief is coming back to Earth to end the fight once and for all. Meanwhile, The Covenant occupation of Earth has found a massive and ancient object underneath the African sands - an object who's secrets are yet to be revealed. Earth's forces are battered and beaten. The Master Chief's AI companion Cortana is still trapped in the clutches of the Gravemind - a horrifying Flood intelligence, and a civil war is raging in the heart of the Covenant.

Is this how the world comes to an end?

Halo 3 Multiplayer Information

Local Multiplayer


4 Players


2 Players

Co-Op Story Mode


Split Screen


Xbox Live


16 Players


4 Players

Co-Op Story Mode


Online Guests


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Comments (2)
I liked Halo 2 a little more
Don't get me wrong, Halo 3 rocks but I enjoyed 2 more. Could just be gettin spoiled. :-P
#1 - Terrance B - 07/24/2010 - 23:30
never played this but i think i hv played 2 ;-) :-) :-D :-O B-) :oops: :-P
#2 - ashley - 11/04/2011 - 16:37
E-mail (Will not appear online)
;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o :-O B-) :oops: :-[] :-P

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